General information about gallbladder surgery

Assoc. Prof. Didem Öncel Yakar

General information about gallbladder surgery

In people who are recommended surgical treatment for gallstones, gallbladder surgery is performed by a minimally invasive method (laparoscopic) due to the developments in modern medicine, and patients are usually discharged 1 day after surgery.

Whether it is gallbladder surgery to be performed by closed method or other surgical treatments recommended for other reasons, treatment can be postponed because there is usually a fear of surgery in patients or near the patient. However, delaying treatment is not a medically correct choice. In addition to the increase in complaints related to the disease over the period due to delayed treatment, the risk of complications such as gallbladder inflammation, biliary tract obstruction, jaundice or pancreatic inflammation will also increase. For all these reasons, once surgical treatment is indicated, it is beneficial not to delay the operation.

After gallbladder surgery (laparoscopic cholecystectomy), which is among the most frequently performed General Surgery operations in the world, it is possible to return to daily life after a short hospitalization period and to start working after a recovery period of about one week. As with any surgery, possible complications related to this surgery impact this schedule.

If you have complaints or questions related to gallstones, you can visit our private clinic in Atasehir and be examined. As a female physician who has performed more than 1.000 surgical operations in this field over 25 years, I am with you during the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up periods of your disease.