Breast health

Breast tissue, which is culturally associated with sexuality, fertility and maturity, has been the focus of women and doctors on issues such as breast health, breast aesthetics, breastfeeding period, breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

There is a wide diagnosis-treatment network ranging from a method as simple as regular self-examination to the removal of invisible masses that can be detected by special imaging studies. This section answers frequently asked questions about breast health.

What are the normal stages of breast development?

What does breast self-exam (BSE) refer to?

At what age and how should breast health evaluation be done?

Why should breast screening be done?

I examine myself but I don’t understand anything, what should I do?

Why is it necessary to have a mammogram?

Who-where to contact for breast health and diseases?

Is it okay if the reports-films that are said to be normal are not stored?

Is there a place for MRI during scanning?

What should be done before breast surgery planned for aesthetic purposes?

How is breast health followed-up after cosmetic breast surgery?